Gym clothes (shorts and t-shirt to change into) and running shoes for Monday & Wednesday. (5/6).

Wear Pink Kindness Wednesday.

Give $2 towards saving the ocean! Receive an ocean animal sticker!

Last Day June 28 & Early Dismissal at 1:25p.m.

Dear 5/6-1,

It is your responsibility to come to class on time and prepared. To ensure you are prepared use your agenda everyday and have it signed by your parents or guardians daily. Please check this website everyday so that when you are absent you are up-to-date on missed homework assignments. Please ensure you also come prepared to class with the following supplies:

Ear buds, Glue Stick, Pencil Crayons, Pencils (multi pack of 12),  Geometry Set (ruler, protractor, etc.), Highlighters, Eraser, 30 cm Ruler, Calculator, D.E.A.R. book, Box of tissues for the class, gym clothes and gym shoes for gym class.

Every night read 30 minutes of your choice (e.g., novel, kobo, website, newspaper, instructional manual, magazine, short story, comic, etc.). *If English is not your first language it is always okay to read in your first language.*

Go to Google Classroom or Mrs. Kisko's website for online assignments and enrichment activities to practice at home and/or assigned by Mrs. Kisko.