The curriculum expectations are found in the Ontario Curriculum Documents for Language.

The literacy texts we will be using are Literacy in Action.

Access the Maple Grove library.

ReadWorks - practice and enhance your reading skill and comprehension skills. 

IXL for Math and Language K-12 - need some extra practice? Sign up here for a low cost.

Need translation? Click here for the Google Translator.

Communicate and create with your friends or your group mates using Google Docs.

GoodRead offers great reading ideas for everyone!

GuysRead offers reading ideas especially for boys. 

Play games here to learn and assist you with English skills. This site is designed for ESL students. But anyone can play! Have fun!

Read Children's Literature at MagicKeys.

Create stories, games and animations Scratch.


This is a fun game for students to play as they develop a working knowledge of the parts of speech. Grammar Ninja has three levels for students to work through.  A great homework assignment.

Free Typing Games and offers a ton of different fun, useful, and exciting typing games. From trick or type or desert racing, you're definitely want to check this one out. Ask Mrs. Kisko for a login for

Spell Up is a new Google Chrome experiment that allows students to practice spelling, pronunciation, and word awareness all within a fun, game type format.  It must be run within Google Chrome as your web browser.

Explore Middle Earth and the land of the Hobbit with Google Chrome.  This cool experiment allows you to discover important places and events from the book and the movie.  Must be used with Google Chrome as your web browser.  A fun way to get deeper into the story.


Solve Crosswords Solvemall offers a large variety of online crossword puzzles. Choose from a new daily starter puzzle each day or scroll down to find popular sets.

Ebook Creation Create multimedia and interactive ebooks that work on tablets and computers for free with ePubEditor. Create your account to begin, then follow prompts to upload images and text...

Create a Twitter Account Create a "fake" Twitter account with this Google doc template. Upload images (use a Creative Commons or another copyright-safe picture) and create a username and mini-bio...

Robo-Boogie Create a dancing robot and learn code at the same time! Begin by choosing a robot dancer, and then click "Let's Dance!" Edit your robot's dance moves using the toolbars ...

Board Games to play at home Qwirkle, O-Bits, Rummy-O, Sequence, Scrabble, etc.