For the Grade 6 Mathematics Curriculum.

Math Games: MathGameTime & FunBrain.

IXL for Math and Language. Need extra practice? Sign up here for a low cost.

Gizmos for extra practice. Sign up for a free 30 day trial or login to our classroom. 

Dreambox is a math program that has been purchased by the HDSB for Grades 1-4 at Maple Grove.  It is very intuitive but can only work if student's do the work ALONE.  It is highly recommended that students work in sessions of at least 20 minutes. Sign up for a free trial to see if this program is right for your child.

Prodigy is similar to dreambox in that it is a game based approach to learning math skills.  Self-paced, engaging, directly linked to the Ontario Curriculum and free forever, prodigy will be a favourite for students and often featured as homework. Class Code: 31F985.

MATHIES and EDUGAINS Two different websites designed exclusively for K-12 students in Ontario, it has games, links to government created resources as well as online manipulatives.  A great way to practice math with the whole family.

A great website with games, tutorials, online manipulatives, and more, Math is Fun is great resource if you want some extra help on a specific topic!

Math skills, questions of the day, online quizzes that explain solutions, Mathopolis offers a variety of resources for any student of any grade.  This links directly to the grade 6 skills page.

Khan Academy is an ever growing resource of video lessons for students. Ranging from simple math to complex biology, computer science and more, it now allows you to choose an area of focus and lead you through it.  A must check-out! is a great website to practice working on different multiplication with other students and alone.  It's great practice and educational. 

Science: The Peregrine FalconThe peregrine falcon cam is now live on top of the Sheraton Hotel in Hamilton. Right now it's a still picture taken every few seconds, but the live stream will be up by time they hatch. 


How about an enrichment opportunity? Try The Players' Tribune Every week there is a math challenge (click on Week 1 Math Challenge, etc once you visit the website). Great for everything math and sport!

Stem in 30 is an interactive classroom offering 30-minute webcasts for middle school students. Interact with scientists by asking questions, participate in polls, and receive resources...

GeoInquiries offers standards-based collections for learning map-based concepts. Choose from several different content topics such as Earth Science, and more...

Engineering Anyone? Discover a collection of problem-based learning engineering lessons for building models in the areas of physics, structural, and mechanical engineering.

Curiosity Machine connects scientists and engineers with young people to help design and create projects together. Create an account to begin using features on the site. Discover challenges...